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Re: creditable opinions?

>    Sorry, but I felt the need to get that said.  We all have the right to our
>opinions whether we agree with each other or not.  The long article about
>Antoine was very enlightening, but it didn't change my mind a bit.  I feel the
>same way I have all along.  Antoine has many good qualities.  I don't think
>he's a bad person, I just think he's immature and greedy.  If it's a crime to
>think that, then I'm guilty.

Nobody ever said you weren't entitled to your opinion, and even though some
may disagree on some points, nobody has ever accused you of being criminal.
That said...

>I don't believe Bird
>thought he could tell the GM who to draft after only two years in the league,
>even though he'd proven himself a great deal more than Antoine has.

We have no idea what Bird assumed he could tell the GM. We have no idea
what he might've said. Why is Walker's conversation seen as a demand and
not as a suggestion? You assume the best concerning Bird. Why? Maybe
Walker, as captain of the team, called his coach, made a pitch for someone
he thought could fill a need, and that was it. Do you know the phone call
was anything other? He's disappointed the team didn't fill what he sees as
a crucial need. Disappointed. Not vindictive. For some reason it's been
percieved as some sort of threat or demand. Either you choose Nazr or......

Has Walker ever compared himself to Bird?

Here's an opinion I'm beginning to have. Not criminal I hope. Nobody knows
what Walker is asking for, but if he wants "this," then he's greedy. So

>I just think he's immature and greedy.

Nobody knows what Walker said on draft night, but he was making "demands".
He expresses an opinion about a kid who hasn't played a minute of NBA ball,
and he's accused (not by you Dorine) of "denigrating" him, and "lashing
out." He should just "shut-up." Sometimes I get the gnawing feeling that
everytime Walker opens his mouth, or is reported to have opened his mouth,
he's percieved as being overwrought and negative, no matter what he says.
Is it because he shouldn't say anything, shouldn't have any opinion, and
therefore if he does dare to venture one, he's percieved as
being...out-of-line? It' as if he's not given credit for actually being
able to express a full range of emotions. It's as if he's incapable of
speaking matter-of-factly, without having any negative intention. He should
"just shut up" on draft night? Why? He's not entitled to an opinion? Was it
more than that? My intention is not to "pick" on Witch Craft and Dorine by
singling out their posts. I wish I'd saved more posts over time by others.
Just think I'm getting the feeling that no matter what Walker says or might
say or might have said...he should just be seen and not heard. Kind of like
a child. He has the right to an opinion...right? He's not a criminal for
having one....right? Or maybe he is one of the most hated players in the
league for his trash-talking; in a league full of trash-talkers.

Paul M