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AW Article

I commented on this article earlier, but Peter's overall good comments,
this one in particular made me think of another point, and that is there
have some comparisons on this list in recents weeks and months to the role
of a leader like AW to this team, now and in the future, in relation to
someone like Bird.  Bird was always the hick, and in fact was kidded quite
a bit for the reference, when is reality not only was a brilliant HOF
player he, at least initially and with his growing resume, is respected as
an above average, and potentially brilliant, coach and GM.  

Now look at AW, he plays ball, better than most, but he is no GM, and he
shows the true behavior or least intelligence level, that Bird was ribbed
about for years.  He certainly is no hick, but he is no brain either.  It
is a given that his agent representation leaves something to desire as
well.  The comments to his team player/leader role make his Pierce comments
even the more idiotic.  

I have argued for his interest and potential ability to leader the team
with Celtic Pride to a championship.  This article leaves we with serious
doubt to this ability.  I have argued about Kemp's lack of ability in being
a team player, I hope and pray, even if signed to the big deal, AW can grow
up, shut his mouth and lead the team to the top.  I don't know if he can.

He needs a serious gag order from his mother.


> From: Peter Delevett <pdelevett@sjbj.com>
> To: Celtics <Celtics@igtc.COM>
> Subject: 
> Date: Friday, July 17, 1998 3:18 PM
> 5) No matter how good Walker may be on the court, thank God he is not GM.
How could he say Nazr would have been a better choice than Pierce? No
matter how close he is to Mohammed. How could he say Pierce is a bench
player? That comment to me illustrates stupidity and lack of judgment ..
and makes me wonder what relations on and off the court will be like
between Walker & PP.