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The Walker Article

Hey everyone,

   Just finished reading that great article on Walker.  It had some pretty good
   insights into Walkers thoughts.  I get kind of nervous when our "team
   leader" start making quotes like this in the paper.  This is not how you
   lead a team.  If I'm the Ricktator, I don't resign him after the lockout, I
   now wait until after the season is over, and see if Walker means what he

   As I was reading that article, the first thing that came to my mind was that
   Walker was trying to make the Celtics and RP look bad.  He came right out
   and said that he would never go to a RP summer camp, that All Stars don't do
   that kind of thing.  Well maybe that is the problem with this league, the
   inmates have taken over the asylum.  If I'm a player on a team, I'm at every
   practice, optional or mandatory, just to show how dedicated I am to winning.
   That is what will give Walker the money he seeks, not some piss poor
   attitude about RP's loyalty.  Where is his loyalty.  Loyalty isn't a one way
   street.  It goes both ways.  

   I also think that the Boston media may be trying to stir up some stories 
   during this lull in sports, so just remember that when you read the paper.

   Anyway, everyone have a great weekend.

Shawn Roth