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Re: What is Walker worth?

>Per the Globe, Jayson Williams is looking for 11-13 million a year while
>Walker is looking for 17 million a year. They were both All-Stars last year.
>Is Walker 1.5 times better than Williams?

Before I answer, I have a few questions. Was Williams considered a "mature"
player earlier in his career?  Has he had any problems with Calipari? If
so, were they all Calipari's fault? If not, could Williams' behavior at
that time be considered "immature"? If it were Walker? Do the Celtics get
36 wins with Williams instead of Walker? How may wins do they get during
the "Billups games"? Salary cap restrictive rules aside, would you trade
Williams for Walker, straight-up, today? How old is Williams?

Paul M