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RE: correction

As is noted by Mr. Noah's thorough internet research on the subject, it is a miracle he has written a correction. (actually 2 in one day)  Most notably I think it is the very first original subject posting by Noah in many a hundred posting. (actually the 2nd in about 75 posts in the last 2 weeks)  I and the Just say Noah bunch am shocked and amazed.

With regards to his picking apart my dissertation on the Kemp dealings:

Kemp was whining about deals long after Bob left town.  The concerns Kemp had were with Wally Walker's administration.  I laugh at the idea that Bob Whitsett was anything more than a GM that signed and gave Kemp his first contract extension.  It akin to blaming ML for something that RP might promise this year, when in reality ML was already out of the picture.  Wally signed Jim Mc and he would have been the one talking with Kemp.

The issue with Clifford came at the same time, where Bob had already been in Portland for over 2 years.  And it is not true that Bob had decided to not sign Cliff before the media/agent problems.  He himself has said as much.  The Blazers were very high on Cliff up until the blow-up.  Living in the Portland area, many local experts, including Mychal Thompson and Kermit Washington, MT of the Blazers and Lakers, KW of the Blazers, Lakers and Celtics,  have reported on the matter (do a search under Dwight Jaynes with the Portland Oregonian, who wrote on the subject almost daily for months).  Dudley's deals with the Blazers were public at the time, which caused the league to have such a hissy fit, and lose in NY. In the case of Chapman the league has no problem with someone signing 3 minimum deals to get to the LB exemption.  This is the basis of the whole CBA agreement.  Chapman and the Suns have not secrets.

Cliff held out just like Kemp, both due to horrid advice from their agents and the fact that both "men"  are pathetic examples of professional NBA players and human beings.  They both are the pure definition of what is wrong with the current NBA and over the top player deals and attitudes.  Kemp proved his true value to any NBA team by wanting all the cap room for himself and not once concerning himself for the good of the team, not unlike Kevin Garnett.  All his plausible playoff heroics aside, he is a grade F team player and no team with him as a star or otherwise will ever win an NBA crown.  You can book it.

Lastly you criticize Baker's playoff performance, this was his first year to have ever played a playoff game, and he had one huge game against the Lakers, I don't remember which.  He will eventually show his value in the big games, with a PG like Peyton. BTW Shaq and his boys killed the Sonics not Baker.

Noah as you yourself prove in your twin posts tonight and in dozens of posts over the last 2 weeks, you don't always have all the details right.  None of us do.  I as are others are amazed at your arrogance that the Noah version of the truth or story is right, and save for a few details or word spellings, you are a true know it all.  Read some of your own give and takes recently and look how juvenile they have become (you did it, no you did, yada yada yada). With a long weekend ahead I challenge you Noah to create one ORIGINAL  posting or idea and not just continue to live up to your reputation as the "Re: King".  I look forward to your creative ideas that will enlighten us all.  Thank ahead of time.

This correction along with a retraction from our friend Dan Forant truly makes for a memorable day.  Toto we are not in Kansas anymore.  Do you feel the love?