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Dana Barros/Bruce Bowen

I have been seeing a lot of posts here this year about wanting to trade
Dana Barros. I personally like his package. He is a guy that gives us a
solid backup point guard with his ability to shoot the ball well, he can
score with his penetration, he is quick, and he can pass the ball well.
He knows Rick’s system very well and has flourished under it. Dana has
basically given us good minutes off the bench. With Kenny Anderson and
Barros at point guard, that position is a strong one for us. I know some
people don’t like how big his contract is, like how much he is paid. I
think that he is a keeper. Why trade a guy who is a great backup for us,
and an individual who will help us become a better team? And some say
that his size hurts us. Well I would say that he is undersized, but he
always shoots well, and he is quick. Dana is not our best player but
every night he contributes. This year is a year for him to prove himself
and I think he will. Thats if the NBA gets over the lockout.
I am glad we resigned Bruce Bowen. The guy has heart and played well. He
ran the floor well, he got some rebounds, and he defended, defended,
defended. Defense was always on his mind. Bruce is fairly cheap and is
great to have. He also was a guy that gave us good minutes off the
bench. Rick loves the guy and I can see why he does. He may be limited
offensively, but I think Bruce will work hard at it and will improve on
it. He is definitely a keeper.

Thats my 2 cents on Barros and Bowen…