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RE: correction

On Friday, July 10, 1998 5:01 PM, Noah P. Evans [SMTP:ishbak@conknet.com] 
> I was wrong about the Kemp matter. According to a Seattle times article 
> http://www.seattletimes.com/todaysnews/browse/html/kemp_102396.html, 
> contract could only be extended/renegotiated after October 1997(which it
> was, by Cleveland). It was not, as I had said, renegotiable as long as
> Seattle had cap room.
> 	However, Mcilvaine's(I can spell it now) contract still put Seattle over
> the cap at the renegotiation point, October '97. That was why Kemp forced 
> trade.
> Noah

Why would their cap situation impact them giving Kemp more ?  Doesn't the 
Larry Bird exception, the heart of the current lockout,  allow them to go 
over the cap to resign a player ?  Maybe simply increasing his contract 
does not qualify if it is not up ?