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Re: Pitino or Walker

>So, why did I just post the list saying Walker's not ready for the big
>bucks?  Because all Walker has proven is that he can carry us to a sub
>.500, playoff missing season.  That doesn't cut it with me and, I
>suspect, most Celtics fans.

Just curious, Pitino has proven what over his NBA coaching carreer? His
playoff history as a coach? The Knicks had their doubts about his coaching
ability / philosophy...yes? No red flags went up last year? Everybody
convinced Pitino-ball is the way to go deep into the playoffs? Everybody
happy with the offense, or was that all just Walker's fault? Everybody
thrilled about Pitino's apparent obsession with getting Mashburn? Will the
system make Mashburn a better player? Just curious?

Paul M