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Pitino or Walker

Which one led us to a better season?  Pitino or Walker?  I know it's
impossible to compare, especially when Coach Carr led us to 15 wins in
96-97.  Still, Walker had a good rookie year, Fox was there, Williams
was there--we had more veterans around and won 15.  Walker as a rookie
had no positive impact in wins.

Then Pitino came, got rid of the veterans and we won 21 more games. 
Was it Walker who made the difference?  Obviously this can't be
answered, but it doesn't seem to follow that Walker equals victories. 
I think we would suffer without what Walker could become, but the
argument is whether he will put it all together or not.  I also think
the only thing he lacks is a proper attitude toward his talent and his
team.  Can you grow into that?  And if Pitino can't get through to
him, who can?

Still, there's a lot we don't know.

Enjoying the good posts.

Guess I'll have to find more interest in football this year.