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To trade or not to trade?

Hi everyone,

   I think that if tried to trade Walker as soon as the Lockout is over
   (sometime in the next century the way this is going) we will not get equal
   value for him.  I'm one person who believes that Walker is overrated and his
   number are overstated becuase he plays on a sub-par team.  He will get
   better, but I'm not sure that he will ever be worth 17 million a season.  

   If you look at who is getting paid the big buck today: Shaq, Garnett, Kemp
   and others, do these players return equal value to their teams for what they
   are paid?  I would say that Shaq is the only player out of the three I
   mentioned that can dominate an entire game.  Granted his skills are way
   overrated and he is allowed to run over people all the time, but he can
   dominate a game, and he does it with a good team. So he is possibly the only
   play "worth" his money.

   Walker was dominating, at times, but with a poor team.  I keep reading that
   without Walker we would have been horrible last season.  How do you know
   that?  Do you have a time machine that you can go back to last year and get
   ride of Walker?  Personally I feel we still would have been improved.  If we
   didn't have Walker, the Rick probably would have built the team a bit
   differently.  I think that Rick could have one a similar number of games with
   a different cast.  BUT WE WILL NEVER KNOW. 

   So I say if Walker won't budge and the Celtics won't budge, then trade him
   and get picks and players, as many as possible.  If Walker pans out sometime
   in the future, well then we have to live with it, but I would bet he never
   becomes the player we all think (myself included) he can be.  

   I'm sure that my views are not held by many people, but let me know what you

Shawn Roth