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Re:to trade or not to trade

I'm sick of this. 

Can anyone give me rock solid evidence that has Antoine quoted as
saying "I will not take anything less than 105 million dollars or
17/Mil per year? 

I don't think so. 

The only numbers have been circulated by the Boston Media. 

If Paul Gaston decides not to resign Antoine, this franchise will have
made a statement. A statement that it has no intention of doing what
it takes to win. None of this Small Market crap, We have a modern
arena. We have the TV contracts, we have the merchandise sales. The
Owner has the money. He may be Jeremy Jacobs JR, instead of Don
Gaston's son. 

Antoine will be worth every penny that he gets. No one else in the
league can do some of the things he can do. He has an ALL-AROUND game.
Yeah, he needs improvement on shot selection. HE's 21 YEARS OLD. He
will improve. He will mature. I for one, would prefer to have a player
that gets fired up, and shows emotion on the court, rather than a
bland, unemotional, could-care-less-where's-my-paycheck type player.
Antoine is a winner. He knows how to win, and he will win. 

If it isn't here, than it'll be a damn shame, 'cause we ain't gonna
get near to his worth in any trade. 

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