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Re: goodbye oh selfish one...

    Wait a minute here.  Everyone seems to agree that Walker has the tools to
be a great player, and is already an all-star.  But his game lacks a
certain... maturity?  Selflessness?  Good grief, the guy is 21 years old, a
hero in college, probably minimally educated, and now rich guys are telling
him he's worth up to fifteen million dollars a year?  This ain't exactly a
recipe for "how to create a low-key, team oriented, spotlight-avoiding star." 
    I have come to the conclusion that you can't get into the argument over
whether Gaston oughta pay him.  In one universe, he's probably worth the
money, but in another parallel universe, no one is.   Gaston and Pitino will
make the decision and we live with it.  If he stays, we hope that another year
with an improving team will convince him that team play is what wins rings,
and his immaturity will give way to a polished professionalism.
    On another topic, I asked a couple of weeks ago why no one is talking
about Ike Austin any more.  He was hot topic here for some time, but then
vanished.  Is it assumed that Utah has him locked up?  Or just that he isn't
that good?