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re- Goodbye oh selfish one

>Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 18:42:20 EDT
So, just what would you like, a mediocre ball club that hangs around 4-5
place in the league. That's what we'll be without Antoine. Every club needs
a superstar, a leader, who could do that for the Celts? Besides Walker.
Please don't say Mercer. When Walker goes the Celts take a step backwards.
Can't understand the Walker bashing in this group. The Celtic problems
w/dough are inherited by Pitino. Lot's of dead wood. Concerning Walker,
"The devil you got may be better than the one you get". 

>From: DJessen33@aol.com
>Subject: Goodbye oh selfish one
>I think Walker will be traded when we start up again and I think it is good
>ridance. Not that he isn't a good player and not that he doesn't have alot of
>potential. It is just that he is all that plus being a selfish player and HE
>WANTS 17 MILLION A YEAR. This isn't just why can't Gaston fork out the big
>bucks for our good players. This decision could tie up down for years!  I am
>so tired of being tied down! Since we traded for Sherman Douglas, we have
>tied by the cap
"In the NBA the Owners Rule"