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Show Walker the Money!!!!!!

Antoine is playing hardball to let the Celtics know that he has to be
paid.  I think Antoine will be in Celtic Green next year.  However, he is
following the instructions of his agent and not  attending workouts or

The purpose of having an agent is to get one the best financial package
available.  I for one would like to see Gaston pay Antoine his worth as
soon as the lockout is over and lets get down to the business of
finishing the final piece of the puzzle.

I can not believe the anti-Antoine fans do not want him to be a Celtic
because he wants to be paid his fair share.  These are some of the same
people who rave how Antoine was a franchise player, but have turn on him
and is now calling him greedy and selfish.

Give Antoine his fair share and I guarantee that the same people who are
saying get rid of Antoine, will be the same ones saying how great he is
during the 98-99 season.  The Celtics have four pieces to the puzzle and
lets not destroy it.  Keep Antoine and make the anti-Antoine fans a


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