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RE: goodbye oh selfish one...

     It's about damn time someone spoke up about Walker.  The last time I 
     said something about Walker's showboating and selfishness, half the 
     group attacked me and one "competent" person (who shall go unnameless) 
     had the audacity to compare Walker's stats to Jordan's and said that 
     Walker is not too far behind Jordan.  Sure Walker averaged 6 assists 
     and scored 20+ a game but the Celts would still lose when Walker would 
     go for the big numbers.  Oh but the team is not as good as the Bulls 
     as a whole.  Puhleaze, don't tell me that Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, and 
     Toni (Wide open J) Kukoc are light years ahead of Mercer, Barros, and 
     Bowen (I believe Bowen is a better defender than Harper).  The Celts 
     have a competitive nucleus, maybe not a title contending one but they 
     were not a bad team at all last year.  The Celts could have finished 
     close to .500 if Walker didn't act like the selfish twit he is.  How 
     many times have we seen Walker attempt to take 3 people off the 
     dribble like he was Tim Hardaway and then lose the ball off his foot 
     or get the ball stolen.  Also Walker's shot selection is horrid for an 
     All Star player?  He puts up three pointers like he was Ainge, except 
     he has half the consistency Ainge had.  Don't get me wrong, Walker has 
     potential and he put up great numbers for a 21 year old but let's face 
     it, with the exception of his rebounding, his scoring was extremely 
     forced.  Whoever wrote that Walker is selfish should have get an 
     award.  I love the Celts but I cringed the day Walker was made 
     captain.  Get rid of him while you can Gaston.
     That's my two cents,