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[Off Topic] basketball communism was RE: France-Italia

> p.s. Hey Noah, sorry to gang up...  (but you've gotta admit Marx-Engels
> would roll over in their graves to hear how their "alternatives to
> capitalism", as you put it, are being applied to defend the NBA's
> player-millionaires)

LOL. I'm sure you're right. But then again, despite Hart's implications, I'm
not communist, so I don't really care if I offend the "movement".

> Down with kapitalism! Let us send oppressed komrades Ewing and Jordan to
> the Cuban Baseball League to experience the utopia of labor kontrol of
> the means of production!  (I'll bet those two particular guys would come
> doggie-paddling back to our shores so fast that U.S. Coast Guard
> speedboats wouldn't be able to keep up with them.)

ROTFL. True and amusing.

> Is that opinion more apropos for the list?