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Re: Plan 9 From Pitino Space

I agree with everything I said except for the typos, which I'm cleaning 

>Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 14:15:14 -0400
>From: witchcraft1998@hotmail.com (Witch)
>Subject: Plan 9 From Pitino Space
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>When I think of Rick Pitino, I think of plans:
>PLAN A - Plan A was the drafting of Tim Duncan, the franchise center 
that would 
>have, hopefully led the team in green to the next championship.  
>the lottery balls weren't lucky for the C's and thus a alternative idea 
>PLAN B - Trade the two picks and more for Scotty Pippen and Luc 
Longley.  An 
>excellent plan allowing the Celtics to pick up an established superstar 
and a 
>adequate center.  But somehow the deal went askew.  Who backed out of 
it is 
>unknown, but its collapse fomented the next plan.
>PLAN C - The apple of Pitino's eye in last year's draft -- excluding 
>unreachable Duncan -- was Keith Van Horn.  Pitino was all set to take 
him at 
>three, when the evil Larry Brown interceded and snatched him up at two.  
Oh the
>despair Il Duce must have felt, outsmarted by Larry Brown.  So Pitino 
>for Chauncy, because everyone knows you need a  quality point guard.
>PLAN D - Now the Rictator wanted veteran players who could play his 
style of 
>ball and assist a young crop of rookies.  So he brought in Travis 
Knight, Chris 
>Mills, Tyus Edney, Tony Massenburg, and Bruce Bowen.  He dumped Dino, 
>David, and a slew of others to accomplish the fact.  But whoops, other 
than Bruce 
>Bowen, none of the free agents he acquired actually fit into his style, 
so he
>had to move them out, trading  Chris Mills for example.
>PLAN E - Plan E arrived when Pitino found Chauncy sorely lacking in 
point guard 
>skills.  The offense was dragging down; he didn't penetrate enough.  He 
>didn't fit into Pitino's scheme of things, so off he went for a 
>point guard Kenny Anderson.  Anderson performed spectacularly but knee 
>soon arose.  Knee problems that are still plaguing Mr. Anderson months 
>the season's cessation.
>PLAN F - The coach/emperor had Dirk Nowitzki stashed away in Europe.  
>perhaps the best player in the draft, had told everyone that he planned 
>spend two more years in Germany so teams were leery of drafting him.  
This plan
>almost succeeded, but for some mystical reason, Don Nelson levitated 
out of his
>usual somnambulistic state and stole the German Tom Chambers right out 
>under Little Ricky's noise.  Fortunately this time, a worthy substitute 
>Pierce was available allowing Pacino to implement the next plan.  
>Here's the situation kiddies.  The Celtics have a owner who doesn't 
want to pay 
>their best player; a point guard with chronically bad knees and a 
>draft choice who skills duplicate someone already here.  When all is 
>and done, the only one left standing is going to be Ron Mercer.  
Antoine is 
>gone.  Pierce is gone.  Anderson will have surgery as he tries to save 
>But this time, Pitino will get it right.  He will acquire a quality 
center and 
>draft choices for Antoine and other considerations; Pierce will bring a 
>power forward, and Anderson will retire.  Next year's draft will unveil 
>newest Celtics point guard - Chris Herren. Next year's free agent crop 
>yield a quality small forward, and then the Pitino god will finally 

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