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Re: Plan 9 From Pitino Space

I seem to remember right up until the start of last season hearing that 
Dana Barros' feet were not healing well and he might not be able to play 
again.  I don't think there's any point in overreacting every time Kenny 
Anderson's sore knees are mentioned.  And, by the way, what exactly is 
wrong with them that surgery can address?  Last I heard it was some kind 
of a 'bone bruise'.

And if it's a choice between Mercer and Pierce, don't be surprised if 
it's Mercer that goes.  Pierce's contract will keep him here longer if 
things go to plan. (am I allowed to even allude to the CBA?) Also, 
Mercer may have more value because he has some NBA track record.


>Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 14:15:14 -0400
>From: witchcraft1998@hotmail.com (Witch)
>Subject: Plan 9 From Pitino Space
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>Here's the situation kiddies.  The Celtics have a owner who doesn't 
want to pay 
>their best player; a point guard with chronically bad knees and a 
>draft choice who skills duplicate someone already here.  When all is 
>and done, the only one left standing is going to be Ron Mercer.  
Antoine is 
>gone.  Pierce is gone.  Anderson will have surgery as he tries to save 
>But this time, Pitino will get it right.  He will acquire a quality 
center and 
>draft choices for Antoine and other considerations; Pierce will bring a 
>power forward, and Anderson will retire.  Next year's draft will unveil 
>newest Celtics point guard - Chris Herren. Next year's free agent crop 
>yield a quality small forward, and then the Pitino god will finally 

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