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Re: PS on Nellie

Maybe so, maybe not.  Pierce is close to Mercer in style, but I think it 
was better to pick the best player available than to try to fill a need 
with an inferior one (Mohammed).  In any case, I think Rick's trigger 
finger will quiet down as we get better.  After years of ineffective 
rebuilding I think most people can live with some changes for a while, 
if it seems to be yielding results.


>From: "Witch Craft" <witchcraft1998@hotmail.com>
>To: gkir@tjc.tyler.cc.tx.us, celtics@igtc.COM
>Subject: Re: PS on Nellie
>Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 06:53:32 PDT
>People on this news list are deluding themselves if they think Paul
>Pierce has a long term future with the C's.  There's no such thing as 
>long-term with Trader Rick at the helm.  The fact that Pierce didn't
>come to Boston, should offer some clues as to Pitino's thinking.
>Don't be shocked listeros if both Antoine and Paul are elsewhere when
>the lockout concludes.
>>Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 08:25:27 -0600
>>From: "Gene Kirkpatrick" <gkir@tjc.tyler.cc.tx.us>
>>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>>Subject: PS on Nellie
>>Sorry if my post on Nellie went out twice yesterday; I'm getting the
>>hang of a new Groupwise.
>>Today three Dallas talk-show hosts were at it at 7 a.m., fawning over
>>Nellie and his coup.  They also like him because of his accessibility
>>and attitude; they think Dallas is on the way up with Nowitski and
>>Nash.  They will be better.
>>But I question whether a tough Traylor would not help them more. 
>>Anyway, Nowitski can be better than Schrempf and still something less
>>than sliced bread.  I await a two year comparison of what he brings to
>>the Mavs and what Pierce brings to the Celts.  I just don't think 6'
>>ll" small forwards from Europe are the answer.  But I wish Nellie
>>Gene  (average high temps for June were somewhere around 133
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