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Put me down for October 12.  That's very optimistic.

I would also like to predict that Popeye Jones will be our  "poor
man's MVP" for the year.  Nothing spectacular, but 8-10 rebounds and
some points along with tough defense, with adequate backup by DeClerq
and Ellison (it could happen).  Put me down for 45 victories.

But, we could very possibly be without Anderson (knee) and Walker
(insanity).  If so, we're back to 25 victories and a decent lottery
pick.  Altho' a long lockout may help Kenny heal, it will force
decisions on Antoine into a compressed and stressed time frame.  I
suspect the tenor of things will be to make an example of those
players seeking Garnett or Shaq level money, so unless Falk counsels
Antoine to settle, we may have a problem.  Do you think other teams
will hold the line, given the chance to trade for Antoine?  Or, if he
stays and is unhappy, will we still have to deal him for the sake of
the team?

And I'm an optimist.

Gene  (bored; it's already 125 degrees at 8:30 a.m.--do you think I
may be calculating that celcius thing wrong?)