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Re: Looking for 'da bomb'...and the Stones

Mark, re

> > decent song since Start Me Up?  And, did I mention
> > that they suck live?
> >
> > But they didn't used to. Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out is all
> > but the equal of LAL. Those two plus the Allman's
> > Fillmore East are certainly the best three live albums
> > of all time.

It's said - and I accept it may be an urban legend - that the only reason
Get your ya ya's out is any good is because Decca (the Stones' UK label)
heard the album, and were so appalled at how shitty they sounded that it was
virtually re recorded in the studio, with an invited "audience" to give it
that live sound.

And as for 3 best live albums of all time, really it's only subjective
opinions but I'd say that Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous or James Brown at
the Apollo stand higher in the rankings than ever Get your Ya Ya's out