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Re: Looking for 'da bomb'...and the Stones

> As discussed earlier, many times, when does a name
> no longer fit? 75% of 
> the members? 50% of the members? 25% of the members,
> or 0%  but the music 
> is the same.


That could be said of any cover band. When does the
name no longer fit? Ask Ringo and Paul if they're The
Beatles. Uh...then again, don't ask Paul.

> Ummmm, none of the bands you list above have even
> come *close* to the sort of song like BBE, Baba,
> WGFA, WAY (could even throw in Bargain and a number
> of others).


Not true. Just to take the easiest one: The Kinks have
certainly done much music on the Who level. Songs like
Shangri-La, Waterloo Sunset, Sunny Afternoon, Death Of
A Clown...I could go on. XTC would be even easier, now
that I think about it.
But the point is: to a fan of the band, the "next
album" could be a "great one." And it should be noted
that the last great album by The Who (and it was
really them, then) was Quadrophenia.

> Look at all the airplay they still get some 30 years
> later.

Um...I could make that argument to make the Eagles the
greatest band in the world.

> Come on Mark, are you telling us that the above
> bands compete with The Who?

Some of them, Yep. Of course! Come ON Kevin! Don't be
so Whocentric!

> If so, please tear up your membership card, 'cause
> you obviously don't have any more use for it!

Why, because I'm either "with The Who or against it?"
I haven't thought THAT way since I was about 8 years
old. Unlike a certain public official.

> Yeah, and *that*  song is a dance-floor clearer for
> sure.  Unless you're 
> wearing a skeleton suit.


Because everyone *I* know dances to Who Are You.

> Sha-doobie.
Jim M:

After 1973, the Stones are irrelevant. But then again,
if we want to quote stupid lyrics: "Did you pinch my
trainer football/Say if you half inched it..."


> decent song since Start Me Up?  And, did I mention
> that they suck live?

But they didn't used to. Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out is all
but the equal of LAL. Those two plus the Allman's
Fillmore East are certainly the best three live albums
of all time. AND I could make the case that these days
there's not a Hell of a lot of difference between what
The Who are doing and what the Stones are doing.
Except the Stones have been making new music all
along, instead of recycling the same stuff over and
Just to be fair about it.

> don't think I've heard one decent sounding live
> recording from their entire
> career.

Then you need the SACD of Ya-Ya's. Midnight Rambler is
on it. And it's inflamatory, not "OK." The Stones
aren't The Who, the music isn't the same type, but
that doesn't mean they weren't great...in their time.

> Why not?
> Pete is!


Good point! Pete and the boys used to pretend they
were the Stones when they went on stage. And Pete got
his windmill from Keith. AND the band covered not one
but TWO Stones' songs!

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             Alan Wolfe 

Cheers         ML

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