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Re: Pino and Set list...

> Bracing for Mark's retort on this!  ;-)


It just reminds me of Chevy Chase in Caddyshack. "Be
the ball. Nun-nun-nun-nun-fah-fah-fah-fah..."

> My brain hurts....

"Paging Doctor Bob!"

> No, but if they are going to play an accoustic
> version of it at the TCT
> show, which they have never done, I think you'd see
> some indication of it in
> the warm-up shows.


Ah, I see. I thought you said something about starting
out acoustic and doing it electric later. Well, then,
what I meant exactly was that while a live acoustic
Tommy would interest me, another live electric version
would less than a rehash of the 2000 tour setlist.

> I can live with that.


Yeah...I don't usually agree with the reviewer, and
he's an asshole anyway in many ways, but I can't argue
with his read on this album...and it's surprising (to
me) that he's even postitive about it at all. He
usually postures to show himself too cool for older

> What other band garners *that* kind of dream when
> they're about to release a new album.
> I can't think of one.

I can. XTC, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam...oh, I
can think of plenty.

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Cheers         ML

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