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Re: Pino and Set list...

>>Come on... You're The Who! Be The Who!

>Bracing for Mark's retort on this! ;-)
Something strange about how that came out.
You're The Who. Be The Who.
Isn't that a contradiction?
To *be* The Who, you're actually *not* The Who, but something else trying to *be* The Who?

Kevin: I heard that "Be The Who" from a Peteinterview or diary where he was recalling how people
would call out to the stage (a la Magik) for them
to "Be The Who". Apparently they were not playing
the songs that the bloke was hoping for.

Alas, *only* The Who can BE The Who.

I'm soooooo  pleased to see the video clips from
the Forum warm-ups and Pete actually on stage after
all the shit that came down over the last 13 months.

Between that and the 2 new songs, it's as if I'm waking
up in the bed I used to sleep in as a young lad after
a terrible nightmare (a la Dorothy) and none other than
Keith, John, Roger and Pete are there to greet me.

There's no place like home....

Joe in Philly