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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V11 #81 (Pino's sound at Forum)

Jim, re

> > Believe me, his volume was well up last night at the Forum and he was
> > sending out some very heavy distinct bass.
>    How much do you think the venue affected the sound of the band, in

Any smaller venue will affect a band's sound significantly, and this was a
smallish venue. I noticed that the band had some 4 PA abinets either side
flying quite high up, as the venue roof is very high. The main PA either
side of the stage was off the floor, rather than the flown rig we normally
see. Consequently, better sound I think for the audience.

And better bass sound too, as it (I imagine) get the reverberation off the
floor and goes straight to the audience.

> > They must be using different gear than they do in the bigger places, no?

See above, but the cabinets looked very similar to those used in sheds -
just placed differently.