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Re: Local Review of Then & Now

In a message dated 3/27/2004 2:13:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kevinandt@xxxxxxxxx writes:
But, everyone's waiting....or at least hoping....for that big slap in your
face song that blows everyone's mind.
It's funny....
What other band garners *that* kind of dream when they're about to release a
new album.
I can't think of one.
With The Who, the potential is so great, that you dare to dream the
impossible dream.

Yeah, that's *really* cool. I'm hoping for sort of a Who Are You type of 
original song.  That song was a miracle.  How did Pete think of that sound?  

The two songs we have are stories.  They center on what the subject is. It 
would be nice to have a "Jam" song or two that just let it rip musically, seeing 
how this is about The Boy Who Heard Music.  It should have a few about 8 
minutes long.  The Who always does great when they do this. There are no jams on 
FD or IH except for the teaser at the end of Cry if You Want. These albums had 
no theme to them.  Hmmm. The great albums always had a theme and a jam to go 
along with the theme throughout.

The feeling I get is that they aren't playing around this time.  Even these 
two songs are special to say the least. Pete is excited about being in the Who, 
he isn't trying to *leave* the Who, and he just passed through two very big 
tests that have put him into a very deep and sober state of mind.  I want to 
hear what he's been thinking on this new project. Pete never quits.  What I like 
about him the most is that he isn't coming down on people like old folks tend 
to do, he is rather telling things in a very wise and experiential way that 
cannot be denied.  The considerations of his life have added up to something.  
Something that young people need to hear. It is normal and necessary for the 
young to listen to the wisdom of the older ones. Pete didn't forget that young 
people are still people and that young ones are the ones that turn the age.  
That is, if they don't end up destroying themselves first.

Jon in Mi.