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Local Review of Then & Now

>From: Marcus Surrealius
>Subject: Local Review of Then & Now
>'Then And Now'
>HIGHS | Two new tracks retain the band's original
>fire, with an inevitably softer lyrical maturity.

I can live with that.
But, everyone's waiting....or at least hoping....for that big slap in your
face song that blows everyone's mind.
It's funny....
What other band garners *that* kind of dream when they're about to release a
new album.
I can't think of one.
With The Who, the potential is so great, that you dare to dream the
impossible dream.

Here's hoping it happens, and to a new album of great new Who material, if
it doesn't.

>LOWS | Sins of omission, mainly.

Nothing we haven't said ourselves.

>SUMMARY | Another compilation from the seminal British
>band, notable for the "Now" portion:

That about sums it up, all right.

Kevin in VT