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Re: When Does a Band Stop Being a Band? Virusi

Pete has named it Who2. Do you have some objection to that? Or is it too close to the original name?


But...if Ringo and Paul went out, should they call it
The Beatles? No, I think everyone would agree that
would be wrong. Keith and John were more than just
musicians that played with Pete and Rog. They created
the sound of the band, by their style and execution.
They were the two best musicians in the band. Zak does
a great job of filling in for Keith, but it took 20
years to get that together. Pete and John both
participated in filling that gap.
With John gone...they should call it something else,
not The Who. Otherwise they're just a Who cover band
with a few original members. Sort of like when Jack
Bruce went out as "Cream" with another guitarist and
drummer. Or Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding went out
as Jimi Hendrix Experience.

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