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The Who is dead. Long live The Who.

----- Original Message ----- From: "L. Bird" <pkeets@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Pete has named it Who2.  Do you have some objection to that?  Or is it too
> close to the original name?

If Pete has "named it Who2", then why is The Who playing at the Forum this
week?  Why does the website say "EelPie.com and TheMusic.com have once again
joined forces to bring you a new series of The Who live on CD"?  Why do all
the logos on the sites related to the shows look like classic Who logos,
with not a numeral to be found.  Pete using the name Who2 or calling this
their "Everly Brothers" period does not change the official name of the
band, which is still The Who according to all marketing associated with
their new concerts and recordings.

Jim M