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Re: Who's on bass

But I can't help wonder why these "professionals" (Pino & the sound technicians)
were unable to get it right the first time around. I mean,....sound is
what they do!

I wondered the same thing. I mean, Pete did tell him to play as loudly as he
could bear. I know Pino is fast from hearing his doodling around the other
day. Do you suppose it was respect issue in 2002?

Not reallly. I'm pretty sure they just didn't have the time or energy to fool with it. They heard the problem right away, but how are you going to fill up the hole left by John Entwistle in just two of days of rehearsal? It's true they had a couple of breaks, but they probably spent one on the funeral and the other one sleeping.

Loud isn't really the issue. The speed is what fills in the space, and also we're used to John's sound and style. It seems to me like Pino has spent some time studying this time around, and he's ready to reproduce the album sound, at least. He plays by ear, too, which means he's likely to jam well with them. He may work out to be an excellent choice.


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