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Re: Who's on bass

> I've had a chance to listen to the Forum video file Matt posted a few
> times this evening.

I wasn't able to access it.  ;-(  Your comments on Pino make me want to
hear it.  None of my friends who saw a show on the 2002 tour were
too impressed with Pino.  And a lot of those friends were musicians.

Ha. Well, I didn't see them out there on one day's notice playing for The Who!

That would be more good news if Pino has a beefier-sounding rig on stage.
His stage sound was *way* too subtle &.....smeared (?) in 2002.  But I
can't help wonder why these "professionals" (Pino & the sound technicians)
were unable to get it right the first time around.  I mean,....sound is
what they do!

During the first five minutes of Pino's first show, his bass was very loud and very sharp--really, really unlike John's bass sound ANYTIME during The Who's history. This also empasized how much slower he was playing than John, and how big a hole this left in the music. They turned him down right away, and Pete went to work trying to fill up the hole.

But I'm curious to hear this 2004 Who.  I'll buy *one* of these forum
shows.  Don't know which one yet.  Gotta wait for the reviews!

You still can't hear him very well. I had to turn up the bass, but once I did, I was pleased with the result.


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