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Re: Virusi and other things that make one sick

In a message dated 3/21/2004 4:24:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bushchoked@xxxxxxxxx writes:
You know, Jon...just from the chronology of how Kevin
contacted Scott and I and the content of the EMails, I
know this cannot be true. For that matter, Kevin is
just not a credit seeking kind of guy. For this to be
true, he'd have to be quadrophenic. So I'm sorry to
say that I don't believe you.

This is not a lie. I forwarded the email to you to prove it and you can put 
it into the chronology.  

I put in my post how simple it was to find out the truth and about why I 
didn't do it earlier because of my family life being the important thing not to 
insult you, as if you didn't have a family life, but to again *prove* that I was 
not lying about doing it myself.

>> Here is the apology for my part in this: I'm sorry
> >for contacting Kevin. 

>And that is just a bit snide

I said what I meant. I told the story as it happened. I told the truth. I 
wrote this after I was publicly called a liar  among many other things yesterday 
and now you're calling me a one. No one apologized to me.  If you think I was 
snide, I had a reason to be, given the things I read about myself that day.  I 
don't personally attack people in anger. But it isn't because I'm naive. I do 
have feelings and I know who supports who.

After it all, I was so happy to see Kevin send a positive post last night. I 
thought "That's great. He just wants the same thing I want, to get along. And 
that's mighty big of him. Good enough" and I slept well.

Jon in Mi