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Re: Virusi and other things that make one sick

> Bruce:
> There are at least three Elvis imitators making a good
> living here in Myrtle Beach. Let's put it that way.

We have a theatre that has nothing but Elvis tributes in Pigeon Forge, run
by one of his old TCB tour members.

> I once read (in a NYT Sunday insert) that some had
> some Elvis cult which believed that artifacts touched
> by "the King" could heal people.
> Pretty damned strange, if you ask me. But I'd be
> willing to bet at some point there will be a Star Trek
> religion too.

Cool,  my mom got Elvis' autograph once so I have a tour program touched by
Big E.  I'll have to work up a fee system, say $50 to look at it, $100 to
touch it. :)