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Virusi and other things that make one sick

> To be accurate, Mark Leaman is the one who cared
> enough to do that research.


Well, Hell...in all my years of Who fandom I'd never
heard that Roger had married John's sister! It seemed
artificial from the start. I wasn't reading the list
when this Ollie Cat was posting, so I know nothing of
her other than what's been told to me in the last few

> You want to crucify me for that?

Oh, PLEASE not another Passion reference!

> Hey we live in the Elvis belt don't we? :)


There are at least three Elvis imitators making a good
living here in Myrtle Beach. Let's put it that way.

> Lisa Marie is one of those scientology freaks

I once read (in a NYT Sunday insert) that some had
some Elvis cult which believed that artifacts touched
by "the King" could heal people.
Pretty damned strange, if you ask me. But I'd be
willing to bet at some point there will be a Star Trek
religion too.

> That much is obvious.


To everyone? Then why is Jo's post being defended so
heavily by you and Keets? Hmmm? Just wondering. If she
was fooled by someone then the reasonable response
would be: "Hey, they fooled me." You know, like the
WMD and Al Qaeda link-to-Saddam thing?

> again, I would delete one step.  Telling Kevin. 

Yeah, because he's at fault here...how again? I just
don't see it. Because he found out Ollie was a liar?
What a horrible thing to do!!! Kevin, shame...shame...

> have to defend your buddy.

I don't have to defend Kevin. He's done nothing wrong,
has he? What does he need to be defended for doing?

> "Heather Daltrey" told me all the facts that I

Yeah, I just called up a Daltrey bio. No sweat, but it
seems to me you and I weren't the ones who needed to
do this after the fact. 

> Ollie's crazy story. Having a busy life with a real
> family, I never took the time to 

Uh...to be clear about this, are you assuming I don't?
I have a family and a store to run, which takes every
single day of my life to do. I am constantly in
motion, BUT I multitask. Right now I'm downloading
info about the CDs I'm adding to the online inventory
this week as I write this.

> jokingly said that he wanted credit for it and
> wanted Jo to know that he 
> didn't hate her.

You know, Jon...just from the chronology of how Kevin
contacted Scott and I and the content of the EMails, I
know this cannot be true. For that matter, Kevin is
just not a credit seeking kind of guy. For this to be
true, he'd have to be quadrophenic. So I'm sorry to
say that I don't believe you.

> Here is the apology for my part in this: I'm sorry
> for contacting Kevin. 

And that is just a bit snide.

> A life-long alliance that won't be betrayed,
>          won't be betrayed


These are good words, but unfortunately in real life
they rarely apply.

> Kevin (who updates his Norton virus definitions
> daily) in VT


I've heard these sorts of things are so new that
Antivirus software is rarely up to date on them.
I've been getting a lot too, here in my Yahoo account.
Fortunately the site scans them before I even open.

"Our nation must come together to unite."
   George "bet you didn't know that" Bush

Cheers         ML

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