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Re: Pete in BBC documentary

There's been some discussion of this on the various lists. They're saying the camera crew was already there and "happened" to catch the interview. It's a BBC production, so should be, at least on the surface, reasonably appropriate, and they're saying it shows Pete in a good light. Apparently Pete has given his permission, though (from this article) not without some attempts to talk them out of it. Blocking it would be a nasty legal battle, I guess, and perhaps strain relations. Plus, the BBC did support Pete with some favorable coverage after the arrest. Also on the bright side, any publicity is good publicity (we expect, anyhow) with the new songs coming out and a new album in the works.

On the minus side, the articles have been saying that Pete dominates the documentary, so it looks like a thinly veiled opportunity to use their great footage, rather than a real review of police efforts against actual pedophiles. And, it does seem awfully coincidental that it's come up just in time for the TCT show, even if it's too late to affect ticket sales. I hope TCT doesn't get any fall-out from it.

I'm hoping someone in the UK will watch it and give us a detailed review. Anybody?


> http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/media/story.jsp?story=503463

Is this a documentary or is it more like a tabloid TV show? Either way it is
wrong, but you know how the tabloids are and I am sure the rest of the world
does too. I wouldn't think this would be legal. I wonder if one of us went into
a police station and asked to see an interview they did with "John Smith,"
that they would grant us that access??

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