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Re: Pete in BBC documentary

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> http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/media/story.jsp?story=503463

"But use of the footage is likely to raise issues of privacy and whether
Townshend is being treated unfairly because of his profile. Although the
documentary - the first in the series - is about internet paedophilia and
follows the police as they pursue hard-core pornographers who deal in rape,
abduction and bondage, it is dominated by Townshend. The police make it
clear they always considered him a low priority, and the other paedophiles,
some of whom are sentenced, have their faces blurred."

How is it possible that Pete seems to get identified at every stage of this
thing, while others keep their anonymity?  This is very disturbing.
However, the parts of the interview that are quoted here do make Pete's case
very well.  Anyone who sees this and still wants to believe he's a pedophile
simply will never be convinced.

Jim M