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Re: Is there a virus?

> Or, is Scott the one in need of a penicillin shot???

I don't notice anything funky on my end. (!)  Of course I
would never send anyone a virus-infected email on purpose.

Now.....regarding the Jo situation.......

I'm appealing for calm.  Look at me.  My hands are in the
air.  I'm appealing for calm.  Look at me.

Let's keep things in perspective here.  Jo was being duped 
by Ollie Cat & many of us were concerned for her, Kevin

If trusts were broken because of shared information, it was
only because we were concerned for Jo & were trying to
get to the bottom of what was going on.

I understand Kevin's anger, however.  Jo posted her "Fuck
the fans" post (which was based on lies told to her by Ollie

Kevin called her on it & defended Pete.  And rightly so.
And Kevin got called an "asshole" because of it.

Then, Kevin finds out Jo's being duped, & what does he do?
Does he laugh & call her a fool?  No, out of concern for Jo 
he makes attempts to verify or refute Ollie Cat's claims.

You know what Kevin told me?  He said, "Jo & I may have
our differences but she's still a Who-Sister & doesn't deserve
to be lied to."  Kevin an asshole?  Maybe.  But an asshole 
who cares. And one who understands that some events usurp 
petty bickering when it comes to one of our brethren being 
duped by another lister.

I think what miffed Kevin, & was quite confusing to me, is
when Jo returned to the list & didn't tie up any of the loose
ends that were dangling because of her "Fuck the fans" post.

It was as if nothing had ever happened.

The story needed to be told.  And now it has.  Jo could've
handled it better.  Jon could've handled better.  Kevin could
have handled it better.  Ollie Cat could have never started the
whole mess in the first place - preying on an innocent person
with lies & mind-games.

So, I appeal for calm.  My hands are still in the air.  Look at
me.  Look at me appeal for calm.  Whatever nastiness has
occurred, it all innocently began in an earnest & concerned
attempt to help Jo.  Remember that.

Let enemies remain enemies if they'd like.  Let friends remain
friends.  Let us all be wary of "insiders" who claim to be
close to the band.  Let us all continue to care about our fellow

This was a fucked up experience for all involved, & we've
learned from it & now can walk away from it.

The Who will be playing shows in a few days.  Let's allow
the band to bleed us of any anger or frustration.  Let's let 
Pete & Rog purge us of our negative feelings.

So, I appeal for calm.  My hands are still in the air & my 
arms are getting tired.  And through it all I'm amazed at how
well my Sure deodorant is working.  

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism