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RE: Jo....in the know...

>From: "L. Bird"
>Subject: RE: Jo....in the know...
>You are telling something that Jo wanted kept private to about 1000 people
on this list.

I said nothing until Jo posted her letter to Jon.

> If I'm following the story correctly, you have also told prominent members
of other lists and asked them to "investigate."

When I did this, I mentioned absolutely no names.  Jo outed herself,.... as
it should be.
And, let me add, that I find nothing to fault Jo for what happened.  It
happened, and that's not a negative reflection on Jo.

>I'd recommend that the best way to handle this is for you to apologize
abjectly for spreading it around

And why do you feel the need to speak for anyone here.
Fuck you and fuck off.

Kevin in VT