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RE: Jo....in the know...

>Is this what you're hot about, Kevin?

I think I've been pretty damn clear about what I'm "hot about".
Take a look at the names being hurled at me for no reason.

Reason: I'm under the impression that Jo is upset with you for spreading this around. You are, BTW, doing more of that right now. You are telling something that Jo wanted kept private to about 1000 people on this list. If I'm following the story correctly, you have also told prominent members of other lists and asked them to "investigate."

I can understand your concern about Jo. It's typical for group members to want to protect others, but it's always helpful to consult with the person who is having problems about how they might want them to be handled.

I'd recommend that the best way to handle this is for you to apologize abjectly for spreading it around, and then maybe Jo would gracefully accept your apology and in return apologize for ranting at you on the list.


>She deserves thanks from other fans, and not more annoyance.


Piss off.
If anyone has been a source of annoyance to Jo, it's been you and Jon.
That much is clear.

The one thing I can state that you two can't, is I've been completely honest
with Jo.

Kevin in VT

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