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What in *the* Hell?

>From: Keithjmoon70
>Subject: What in *the* Hell?
>All that needed to be
>done was to check Roger's marriage dates, which I finally did on my own and
>showed that this woman was lying her ass off.  Simple.

Simple?  *You* looked up Roger's marriage dates????????
Don't make me post my E-mail to you that outlined Roger's marriage dates.
Let's keep this accurate, shall we Jon??
To be accurate, Mark Leaman is the one who cared enough to do that research.

>Kevin never agreed to
>keep quiet about it.  Now I learned something.

I resented being pulled into this world.

>He didn't
>agree to keep quiet about it and told Scott, Paul, Brian, Mark, and even

To be clear, I didn't "tell Paul, Brian, Mark, Scott, and even Fang."
I asked each of them, with names kept anonymous, if they had ever heard of
Ollie Cat, and this claim of John's sister being married to Roger (which I
found ridiculous.).
I ultimately did tell Scott and Mark.  Ohhhh, for shame.
And to be even more clear, each of the persons listed reacted with the same
concern for the "victim's" (Jo) well being as I did.

>I contacted Kevin to let
>him know about what was behind her angry post that involved him and he told
>everybody else what I didn't want to get out against my wishes.

I took the initiative to help Jo.  'Cause, my fo shizzle friend, you
obviously weren't helping her see through the din that you yourself couldn't
see through.
You want to crucify me for that?
Fine, go right the fuck ahead.
But, what I know, is that I stepped in and put a stop to this fucking
bullshit of believing the complete BS that this predator was spewing, and
was obviously being believed by Jo and you.

>Now Jo and I
>are being painted by him as "a mess" in his classic form of communication.

Hey, when you hold back information and let a person draw incomplete
conclusions, it creates a mess.
I begged you to be up front with Jo about approaching me.  I begged you to
let Jo know that I was asking some senior folk for information that might
help her.
Did you tell her?
You eventually told me you had, and that Jo was "cool with me and my help."
That was obviously a lie.

I guess you and Keets did nothing wrong.


Kevin in VT