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What in *the* Hell?

See, this is gonna fit right in my tv show.  I wanted it to be a sitcom, but 
it's turning out to be a drama.  A funny one though, because, having a real 
life of my own, I have to laugh at all this bullshit.

Here it is:
Johanna was contacted by a person that claimed to have been reading this list 
and also claimed that they were a Who insider and wanted to talk out of 
boredom.  This person told elaborate and detailed information over a period of at 
least 6 months to Johanna and befriended her with the condition that she tell 
no one about it.

Around a month or two ago, Johanna, being excited about/suspicious of this 
person contacted me about it and told me as few details as possible to get my 
take on it.  Johanna kept pressing this person with questions and answers were 
readily supplied in great detail.

When my daughter and I stopped by Johanna's house on our trip, Johanna showed 
me the pictures of band family members that were sent to her by this person. 
They were supposedly marked by the band in some way so they could not be 
shared. Many of these pictures I have never seen before.  I thought wow, this is 
really cool.  Then Johanna told me why it was to be kept secret. She told me 
some crazy ass lies that were told to her by this person and if these supposed 
truths were to be discovered by the public, the band members would find out.  
Everybody has private lives, but these things sounded really crazy.  I told 
Johanna that the way to figure if it were true or not would be to check the names 
and dates and see if it matched the story.

Then came Jo's angry departure post.  We all know that she has been going 
through a very tough time and that she goes up and down.  I befriended Johanna 
because I know that she is a very cool person regardless of these ups and downs. 
She's harmless.  And smart.  Kevin and her had words and she blasted Kevin on 
her exit. She also blasted the Who and Pete in particular in her third party 
stoked anger. This "insider" had told her that Pete didn't care at all about 
his fans, which may or may not be true on varying degrees, as he is just a 
human being and many of the fans are in reality-assholes.  They just had to close 
the chat board for this very reason!

When I read what Jo wrote in anger I was *very* upset.  I wondered what this 
so-called insider had told her about Pete that the rest of us didn't know. I 
still didn't know that this insider was a fake yet, as they weren't talking to 
me personally.  I immediately contacted Jo to see what it was that made her 
say these things about Pete.  I feared the worst.  My fears were put to rest as 
soon as she told me that she was told that Pete didn't give a shit about his 
fans, or whatever that person told her.

Since she blasted Kevin, I contacted Kevin to tell him that there was this 
person telling Jo some things, in order to keep the stuff off list and off 
public record.  I didn't want to see a reaction go to the list that matched *my* 
reaction before I contacted Jo about what she said.  There was a lot left to the 
imagination after reading what she sent. I wanted to know at this point who 
this mystery person really was. I didn't take it that serious before this and 
did no investigation.  I contacted Kevin to stop him from *going off* on list. 
I told him TWICE in this email to not tell anyone about it. I knew that Jo was 
in a fragile state and didn't need any trouble until we got it sorted out.  
She's a single mom with 3 kids and things are bad enough in the real world. 

I should have never contacted Kevin. I betrayed Johanna's trust.  He didn't 
agree to keep quiet about it and told Scott, Paul, Brian, Mark, and even Fang! 
who knows who else.  He did it to check the story out.  All that needed to be 
done was to check Roger's marriage dates, which I finally did on my own and it 
showed that this woman was lying her ass off.  Simple.  Kevin never agreed to 
keep quiet about it.  Now I learned something.

To put it simply, Johanna was lied to by a false insider, She told me about 
it and I didn't take it seriously until she upset Jo. I contacted Kevin to let 
him know about what was behind her angry post that involved him and he told 
everybody else what I didn't want to get out against my wishes.  Now Jo and I 
are being painted by him as "a mess" in his classic form of communication.

Jon in Mi.