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RE: when will this end.

My sense of privacy is thrown out the window when your crew drag me into
this behind the scene CRAP, pick and choose what information to relay to
each other, and then allow another to think (AND POST) things about me that
are completely fals.

I'm the wrong one to talk to about this, as I've been added to the loop very recently, and pretty much after everything else is over. Definitely I agree that any group of people who are trying to coordinate something behind the scenes should have good communication. Likely there was some mis-understanding involved.

I'm not going to sit by and allow you and Jon to paint the story as you see
fit. I'm going to tell it exactly how it is. You can count on that.
If you guys would be upfront and honest with Jo, I wouldn't have the need to
air *your* dirty laundry. I can only imagine how uncomfortable this is for you all.
Being caught chatting behind a persons back, and telling lies usually is.

There's always a lot of chatting that goes on off-list, Kevin. I know you do it, too, so it should come as a surprise that other friends chat, and consult with one another when problems come up. I don't think anyone is telling lies about you.


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