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Response to RGLG

Here's a very touching response to RGLB, reposted with permission from WhoAreYou. This is why music and the way Pete writes his lyrics are so important to his fans.

this will sound cheesy and sappy, but i really
empathised with "good looking boy". i'm a huge
elvis fan, so i recognized the intro immediately.

i got into the who when i was around 12, i remember
hearing "let my love open the door" on wnbc, i was
living in north jersey at the time. it remains one of
my all time faves. so i found out about pete, and then
the who, and they have been my favorite band ever
since. i read dave marsh's book "before i get old,"
and learned a lot about pete and his insecurities
about his looks...he said that in those very early
days, his guitar was a machine gun that he used on all
those people in the front, the cool people who he
didn't feel a part of in his youth.

i was born with a birth defect that made my face kind
of crooked, or lopsided. blood flow was restricted
from part of my face while in utero, which caused
uneven development. i had a lot of plastic surgery
from elementary school through till i was 18, and i
look ok now, i guess, and anyhow, going to a
children's hospital all the time showed me in a very
graphic way that my crooked face might have been a
bitch, and kids are cruel, but ther were a lot of kids
worse off than me. but it just made me feel closer to
pete, what with his insecurities about his looks. i
wrote a fan letter when i was in 11th grade, and i got
a short letter back from pete, which is one of my most
prized posessions. so, to hear the lyrics about being
ugly, and the elvis connection as well, and most of
all, i have someone now who makes ME feel like a real
good looking boy...makes me feel like this song was
written for me. it touched me.

told you this was gonna be sappy, but i just wanted to
tell my little piece.

anyhow, i'm so happy to have some music from my
heroes. and i can't wait to see them again.


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