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I have to talk Who........I HAVE to.

I was fortunate enough to be able to download the two new Who2 tunes (say 
that 10 times fast!).  BTW, I hope Who2 catches on.

I am so happy.

First of all, after hearing the songs, it completely explained Rabbit's over 
jubilance a while ago.  At the time, I thought Rabbit was high.  But, after 
hearing him play incredibly in ORW, it made his excitement very, very clear to 
this Who fan.

Second, the second verse in ORW when Pete harmonizes, is my favorite, for 
that reason.  The two of them, Who2 or whatever, the two of them, singing their 
heart out for John, I love it.  Also, the fact that they mention the California 
theatres, Hollywood "Bowl", etc.  Yea California!!  We rule!!!

The note, actually it is two, but the first one, Pete plays, after the lyric 
in RGLB, "Son, well ya know, your an ugly boy" says "ouch" to me so perfectly. 
 I love it.

It is bigger then me, my passion for our boys is more then I can oversome, so 
indulge me when I have to post on them.  I'll pass on the other shit, but 
what beautiful timing for me personally after my own personally little OUCH, that 
I have shared privately with a few of you.

Long live rock, long live the Who
Jo of the shizzle........<that makes my kids giggle when I "try" and talk 
like that Jon>