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RE: Ouch...no.........awwwww!!!

>From: "L. Bird" 
>Subject: RE: Ouch...no.........awwwww!!! 

Man, you just can't keep from sticking your nose into other's shit.

>Be nice, Kevin. Jo is a good list member.

Have I ever said she wasn't?
But, I've got a serious bone to pick with Jo at the moment.
Kindly stay out of it, this time, will you?

And, "be nice" ?????
Shouldn't you be directing that toward Jo???

I want an apology.
I want to hear Jo admit she was wrong about what she posted.
And, I want Jo to explain herself.

And hell fucking fire yea, I'm bent.
And I've got a good right to be.
Kevin in VT