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feelin good in California

I fought my daughter for the radio station today and won (she goes for top 
40).  I told her I had to check if KLOS was playing the new Who.  As soon as I 
switched it, the first thing I heard was the news girl saying that "there is so 
much new Who news these days, the new Encore Series of the upcoming shows 
will be available to purchase (which I will be purchasing) at Pete's Eelpie 

I will be driving most of today and hope to hear my guys new songs played.  

Jo :) <basketball update:  my son's team, that my dad is coaching, my 
youngest son joined, my daughter is scorekeeper and we made it to the championship 
which we will play tomorrow against a team that is unbeatable.  But we made 
it!!!!, Hoorah "old school"!!!, can you tell I am proud?>