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RE: Coming out of 'lurk' mode

Thanks for adding that John. I think that IS the surface meaning, but also that there is a double and triple meaning lodged in this, something that Pete is very good at.

Welcome to the discussion. Likely we'll continue it when the tunes are available again at the end of the month.

BTW, someone on TheShout suggested that these were demos (aka trial balloons), and that we might find completely different versions on later albums.


Though I haven't heard the new songs yet I was surprised none of the learned
members of the list proposed the idea that the "sniffing" referred to in ORW
is a part of the process of consuming wine. Sniff the cork, swirl a bit 'round
the glass, taste it, and tell the wait staff if you approve or not. "Yes,
indeed. I like it. Bring half a crate please." I also seem to recall Pete
making a tongue in cheek comment before one of the last tours about "keeping
John in that expensive red French muck he seems to prefer."

Just my two cents.


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