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Coming out of 'lurk' mode

I have been observing this list for a little while and decided that the time
had come where I had to chime in...

First, I'll introduce myself. My name is John, I'm 44, live in central MA, a
bass player tremendously influenced by JAE and as a musician and songwriter
highly influenced by PT. I've been a Who fan since the mid 70's when I first
heard The Real Me. I knew of The Who and liked a few of their songs but that
was the one that got me addicted. Being a bass player, go figure!

Now for the reason I'm chiming in....

Though I haven't heard the new songs yet I was surprised none of the learned
members of the list proposed the idea that the "sniffing" referred to in ORW
is a part of the process of consuming wine. Sniff the cork, swirl a bit 'round
the glass, taste it, and tell the wait staff if you approve or not. "Yes,
indeed. I like it. Bring half a crate please." I also seem to recall Pete
making a tongue in cheek comment before one of the last tours about "keeping
John in that expensive red French muck he seems to prefer."

Just my two cents.