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Re: Hits and Diamonds. They're not the same thing.

In a message dated 3/16/2004 10:09:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx writes:
even though I havent heard the songs yet 
(here comes the backlash. haha!) I've read the lyrics, and just hope 
better occurs. maybe it SOUNDS better than it looks. I guess i'll have to 
purchase that "then and now" thing when it comes out. 

AHA!  Now when you hear them, you *will* change your mind.  The music carries 
these words so well that they make you understand the beauty of them.  Music 
is so powerful and Pete is the master of conveying the "feeling" of what he 
wrote in composition.  You can't just read the words, man! 

And if you don't want to buy the greatest hits package, I'm sure they'll be 
back up on itunes by release date. It's only $1.98.  You can put them on a cd 
with songs from Psycho Circus, '87George Harrison,  Rob Thomas/Santana, and 
make sure you place the Who songs right *before* David Cassidy.  Listen to this 
cd mix 50 times and then tell me who you *aren't* sick of. I mean it. That 
would be a cool experiment. Put some Three Dog Night on there too.

Jon in Mi.