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Re: Hits and Diamonds. They're not the same thing.

if these "old geezers" can release a song
that dosent have anything to do with getting "old and wiser" and things like,
"after all the music and the madness", and maybe songs like, you know, about
something else, perhaps they can have a hit. who knows?

So you think the subject matter is bad? Whofans will all like these, but they may sound depressing to non-fans?

I think this approach is better than aiming directly at the youth disco market like Mick did. These songs don't seem aimed at any particular group--it sounds like Roger and Pete doing their thing, and there are elements that will appeal to all age groups. It might be helpful to talk it up to Elvis fans somehow.

How do stars arrange for those documentaries? A little review of Elvis' career, Elvis singing his hit, Rabbit's intro, Rog and Pete come on and play, Pete explains his tribute, etc.

well, mick's song with Lenny kravitz was more of a real rock song than santana's "smooth" with rob thomas (I remember the classic rock station over here playing that song all the time
when it first came out, so it did get some airplay). and let's remind everyone that
Lenny's last album, which was released around the time mick's was, didn't sell
very well. "smooth" was a very catchy pop song with some latin rhythms thrown
in and despite hearing it so many times when it was THE song of the year, I
still can't get tired of it if it comes on again. such a good song, I must
admit and i'm happy for santana's newfound success.

This was a good idea, but Santana also marketed the hell out of his album. He changed record labels to get more support for it. He went around to radio stations and begged them in person to play it. (Wonder if his new label wouldn't grease enough palms?) The semi-naked girls dancing on the videos didn't hurt, either.

That sound seems to have passed somewhat. For a while I thought Pete might include some Latin rhythms on his new songs--Jody Lindscott did some great conga work on his VH1 show.

haha! yes I am.  I just don't like the direction the new music is going. I
wanna hear something like, "quad" meets "my generation", both lyrically and
musically. but I guess you can't force someone to do something they don't
wanna do ay? let's hope the other songs are at least SOMEWHAT better.

More upbeat, you mean? Angry? Cynical? Do you like the "overproduced" sound of QUAD? Presumably punk has run it's course, and maybe that would fly again. As I said, I think the simplicity here is a very current sound.

A few folks are complaining about the production. How much do you suppose Simon has done here and how much is Roger and Pete?


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